Mobile Solutions

A field force of mobile workers generating real time information for a single, shared IT system has distinct efficiency advantages. Information is less likely to be duplicated, productivity is increased since workers do not need to return to the office to re-enter information, the use of office space is optimized and delivery of services enhanced, thus making optimal use of staff resources. Mobile computing provides many benefits to our customers, enabling staff to carry out day-to-day duties remotely, either from home or an ‘on site’ location. Capita’s mobile solution for Revenues and Benefits delivers the following capabilities: Other Visits The recent legislative changes with regards to the Verification Framework (VF) have caused some local authorities to question the need to carry out visits and the value that this delivers in the context of PM10. However, emerging PM10 best practice demonstrates that visits remain a highly effective tool in ensuring that the ‘right benefits’ are delivered to claimants. The mobile solution allows Officers to access visits from the back office system as well as uploaded visits in advance. With the integration of MS Map Point, visits can be ordered in a logical ‘walking order’, saving the officer both time, accommodation costs and petrol expense. Details of visits can be viewed via a mobile device. Existing core housing benefit information is displayed including claim type, case type, household, income and rent details. The Visiting Officer may then compare the details stored on the device (and as such the core application details) with those now identified as a result of the visit. Additionally, the visiting officer may select any option in line with the MIS returns (i.e. claimant not in, information correct or circumstances changed). Any selection made will update the core housing benefit application with the desired result. Housing and Council Tax Benefits Our Benefits applications provide the capability to complete a new claim on line as well as carry out targeted visits in line with PM10 best practice.